Roger Cleveland

Legendary wedge maker

Born and raised in Long Beach, Roger Cleveland has established himself as a prominent figure in the golf industry. A legendary wedge maker, Cleveland is one of the most sought-after clubmakers in the world because of his craftsmanship and expertise.

The first club that Cleveland ever made was a reproduction of Bobby Jones’ Calamity Jane putter. He took this putter to the PGA show and sold 500 orders, which kickstarted his journey in the club-building business. He founded Cleveland Classics Golf Company in 1979, with a focus on persimmon woods. Rapidly broadening the company's scope, he ventured into the production of wedges. Cleveland utilized his connections with professional tours to use them as a testing ground. He sold the company in 1990 to ski equipment manufacturer, Rossignol, staying on as a senior executive in club design until 1995. After leaving the company, Callaway Golf recruited him to help design their clubs. 

Named the Chief of Golf Club Design for Callaway in 1996, Cleveland has brought his vision and craftsmanship through his club designs to thousands of golfers. He has had a huge impact on the golf equipment industry and is known for making some of the best clubs in the world. His passion for club design and equipment has had a lasting effect on the landscape of golf today.